Radiopharmaceuticals Partners

Partnerships that help improve patient care

Improving lives through nuclear medicine requires collaborative partnerships that challenge the status quo and focus on innovation. That is why we partner with leading researchers and nuclear medicine societies around the world to grow the utility of this unique modality by bringing new products to the market, advocating for their use and making them available through streamlined distribution channels to meet the needs of today’s patient.


Our Partnerships

We have an ownership stake in SOFIE, a leading provider of molecular diagnostics and therapeutics. This relationship perfectly positions us to provide a complete portfolio of high- and low-energy nuclear medicine products to all of our customers.


Our strategic partnership with Isotopia Molecular Imaging will help advance the field of Radiotherapeutics in North America by increasing our portfolio of theragnostic products in the U.S.


We are Leadership Circle Members of the SNMMI Value Initiative Industry Alliance, a forum for industry partners to work together to help build the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.


Our collaboration with The Pinnacle Health Group allows us to provide our customers with timely and accurate reimbursement assistance. The team provides independent consultation specifically tailored for your facility.


We also have long-standing partnerships with advocacy groups and industry associations.

These collaborative relationships allow us to:

  • Advance the development and approval of new and novel radiodiagnostic and therapeutic agents.
  • Create resources to promote the safety and benefits of nuclear medicine to ensure patients are making informed decisions
  • Improve the quality of practice through educational programs designed to ensure value-driven and patient-centered best practices.
  • Increase the utility of the modality by raising awareness of the benefits of nuclear to patients referring physicians and future generations of healthcare providers.
  • Advocate and lobby for improved coverage and reimbursement for all nuclear medicine procedures and drugs.

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