Our Vision is to be a Beacon for Wellness.

Jubilant Radiopharma foresees a world in which humanity will benefit from earlier and more accurate diagnostic tools and effective treatments options resulting from our robust pipeline of radiopharmaceuticals and innovative technologies developed from organic and inorganic partnerships.

Let’s Thrive Together.

As a leader in North America and with our continuous expansion into Latin America, Europe and Asia, we are actively seeking new distribution channels and strategic partnerships for existing and future products. If you have the same vision and want to partner with us, please contact:


For our Radiopharmaceuticals Division Contact: Sergio Calvo at

  • R&D of novel and generic products
  • Hot & Cold Drug Manufacturing
  • Global Commercialization & Distribution of Products

To see a list of our current partners click here

For our Radiopharmacies Division Contact: Jonathan Pharr at

  • U.S. Distribution Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Clinical Trial Support

To see a list of our current partners click here

We are always looking for new ventures and collaborations in the areas of:

Research & Development of Novel and Generic products

We continually invest in new diagnostics and radiotherapeutics that will enable early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease, leading to better patient outcomes.

Drug Manufacturing in our State-of- the Art Facilities

We are passionate about perfecting every level of the radiopharmaceutical experience, from the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the patient—and everything in between.

Global Commercialization of New Products

We continue to hire and develop highly skilled employees with expertise in nuclear pharmacy, medical care, market development and global regulatory filing, so that we can better provide the community with customized solutions that advance the practice of nuclear medicine.

Distribution of Superior Products and Service

We are focused on delivering quality products and personalized services and strive to provide flexible delivery options, so your patients get the right dose, at the right time.

Let’s Improve Lives Through Nuclear Medicine Together.


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